Why It Pays To Use Divorce Mediation


The divorce process is a complex and strenuous one that unfortunately many people have to endure. The duration of this process generally takes about a year or so before it becomes official, as there are quite a few steps that have to be completed. Divorce mediation can help reduce some of the stress and pain, not to mention that it’s far less expensive. This option should at least be considered before choosing litigation, unless the relationship is in really bad shape.

Because of the benefits of mediation, some lawyers will even encourage going this route, even though it means less money for them. One of the advantages is that the decisions are made by the two parties instead of the courts. They get a chance to hash out their issues and reach an agreement on each issue. Often times, the parties end their marriage on a positive note and are able to get along post-divorce. On the contrary, this is not nearly as common when the case is settled in court.

The key however to successful mediation is having open lines of communication. The more open both sides are, the better chance they will have at resolving their issues. This may not be easy for some considering that both spouses don’t get along, but it’s the only way to make progress.

The third party involved that organizes and manages this process is known as the mediator. This person could have several different kinds of backgrounds, including lawyer or a counselor. A good mediator can help both sides reason with one another and arrive at a conclusion that is best for everyone. While all mediators should be capable of educating you on the divorce process, having a lawyer in this role is particularly beneficial since they have first hand knowledge and experience.

Doubting the ability of a mediator is natural for spouses, but remember that they typically have a lot of experience dealing with couples who are divorcing. They are usually very educated and excellent at helping two sides work together. A mediator can ease the tension and make the process easier to deal with. They can present options that neither side would have even thought about before, while helping each other resolve their differences.

Regardless of how you go about getting a divorce, it’s not going to be easy. There will be pain no matter what, but mediation can actually be a therapeutic way of dealing with it. The benefits it has are far greater than a contested divorce. Most importantly, it allows you and your spouse to end the marriage on positive note and possibly still have a relationship post-divorce. This is critical if children are involved.


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