The Tragedy of Divorce


The Tragedy of Divorce

Nowadays, almost all of us can say that we at least know one person who has been through a divorce. Nothing about divorce is really easy. Not only does it involve separating from the person you promised to spend your life with, but deals with many other issues including child custody and division of assets. Much has to be done during this process to make it official. Divorce lawyers are usually hired by both sides to give advice and serve as a guide through the proceedings.

Filling out divorce papers can get confusing sometimes because of the amount of details they contain. While paperwork can be obtained for free online, the best course of action is to get them through a legal service. These services know exactly what is required. A divorce lawyer can also handle this process as well, though you will be charged for it.


A divorce is officially underway once a petition is sent to the other spouse requesting separation. This document consists outlines details pertaining to why a divorce is being requested. A petition can be acquired from the court house. The courts must be convinced that the two sides have irreconcilable differences, and therefore divorce is the only real alternative.

Temporary orders will most likely be requested by one or both sides. For instance, the custodial parent would ask for alimony and child support, child visitation arrangements, and so on. Temporary orders are addressed in a matter of days or weeks at the most, so both sides must be on top of what they need or want right away. Other issues that could be addressed with temporary orders include asset arrangements and restraining orders against a spouse.

The service of process comes next. This involves sending the divorce petition to the respondant’s lawyer, so he or she is aware of which documents were filed. Once these documents have been received, a response must be issued to the petition. The response involves filling out paperwork required by the court. Any disputes with the petition can be filed here. The response must occur within the time frame allotted, otherwise default divorce will occur. This means that the terms outlined in the petition will be the terms of the divorce. Hiring a lawyer to help you with this is recommended.

After the response has been made, then the final negotiations between the two parties can begin. Disputes usually involve the division of property, spousal support, and child custody and visitation. If the disputes can’t be resolved here, then they go to court.


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