Copyright Your Song To Avoid Your Creations Go In Vain


Many people want to copyright their songs and they always want to get the song associated to their name. When you fix your original song to fixed, tangible medium then you certainly becomes owner of copyright. When you copyright your song then it means that your song is original and it do not contain any samples of other songs in it. You need to record song, write down the lyrics and music and then you will be an exclusive and sole copyright holder of the song. You gain rights to the song being the copyright owner of the song.

Some people write songs in collaboration with any other person and they want to share the copyrights with their partner. In that case you need to determine fractional ownership of song. Splitting can be done on equal basis between the person who write lyrics and the one who writes the music or any other way according to your liking. It can be done on 25% each if your band has four members and you want to distribute the ownership among all of them. You can easily copyright your song by storing an original creation in a tangible medium but you also need to focus on other things in order to have complete protection in case of any dispute.

Best way of protecting your valuable creation is to register your song(s) with the library of congress. It is also good to submit your creation to performing rights organization according to your affiliation. You certainly have the surety that if there is some dispute and any one claims to be the writer of your song then you are going to win the battle. For these sort of legal complexities it is important to give protection of copyrights to your song. Multiple songs can be stored in one album and the complete album can be copyrighted in order to save your expenses and gain maximum protection. When you register for copyrights of a complete album then you can be sure that every song of the album is registered with your own name and no one can steal its ownership rights from you.

Another approach which is common these days is to mail your song to your own self. This approach is referred to as Poor Mans copyright. People use this approach as it let them sets date of creation of their song. If you own a song and then mail it to yourself then you certainly have proof in the form of postmark date about its creation up till the time you dont open the envelope. If someone tries to deceive you that he/she has written the song before you then you can open the envelope and prove your ownership with date of creation of the song. All the writers of songs must make sure that they copyright their songs in order to avoid any complicated issues in the song run and gain success in their careers.


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