Canada Immigration In Two Steps


Canada has been welcoming immigrants from across the globe for Canadian immigration for well over three decades. The country is famous for its tolerant multi-cultural society and its maple trees along with other things. Every year more than 250,000 immigrants’ leave their countries and travel to the northernmost end of the world to be part of the Canadian dream. Keeping the strong demand for Skilled Professionals at home, the Canadian government decided to introduce a swift visa system called “Express Entry Canada”.

Express Entry Canada:

A system designed by the Canada to bridge the skills shortages in their country by allowing swift employment to skilled professionals.

It was officially launched in 2015 as the Canada welcomed Job seekers from the across the globe who wished Canadian citizenship to get a chance of getting fast track Canadian immigration.

How Does It Work?

The entire immigration process has been digitized to avoid procedural delays and human error. Canadas immigration model is different from many industrialized nations as it is based on a points system. Every applicant is judged as per their profile and how urgent is that particular required by Canadian employers or the government, below is a detailed explanation of how the express entry system works?

2 Step Express Entry into Canada:

Express entry Canada is a two-step procedure which has been fully automated to ensure transparency and efficient visa procedure.

First Step: Creation of your Profile

It all starts with a detailed profile creation on the Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) portal.

Your profile contains:

i. Name.

ii. Education.

iii. Gender.

iv. Siblings.

v. Marital Status.

vi. Professional Expertise.

vii. Professional Experience.

viii. Reason for Canada Immigration.

Once your fill your profile creation form, you become part of dozens other profiles but you can make your standout with a few tips given below:

It is highly advisable that you enter all the information correctly. A quick go through of the SOL will indicate if your Professional expertise is required in Canada or not.

Step Two: Getting Invitation Letter and Visa Procedure

If your profile qualifies all the eligibility criteria then you receive an official invitation from the Government of Canada. It acts as an initial confirmation by the Government that you can now file an official application for Canadian immigration .

Take extra precaution while writing your application and also documentation process, your entire immigration case in dependent on your application. Since its automation the entire process is completed within 6 months.

Special Documents Required For Canadian Immigration:

Listed below are some special documents which are required by the Canadian government for Immigration.

1. Police Certificates.

2. Medical Certificate.

3. Background Checks.

Once your case is accepted for visa approval you receive your visa via the Canadian Embassy. There are special cases in which applicants might be called for an interview.

Now that you have gotten your Canadian visa it is time to saddle up and get ready to start your life in Canada.


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